Hello! Thanks for visiting this site and please come back as I will have more information to offer soon.

I’ve been out facilitating trainings and working with wonderful clients helping people create lives of meaning and organizations where people can flourish.

After a little encouragement, I realize it’s time for me to get a little more public about my mission and offerings, for which this site will be a portal for.

Since you’re here, a little bit about me… I am co-founder of Mindfulness Therapy Associates, a San Francisco based coaching and psychotherapy practice and The Mindfulness Advantage in Women’s Leadership, a corporate training program supporting women leaders to thrive. I’m a senior teacher and program designer at the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute and facilitate mindfulness and emotional intelligence trainings internationally in corporate, healthcare, education, and government settings.

Mindfulness practice informs my work and my life. As a psychotherapist and coach, I work with clients to increase aliveness and engagement in all areas of life through the cultivation of embodied presence and inner wisdom.  I’m a certified Hakomi therapist and have had intensive training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, both mindfulness based modalities.

With groups and organizations, I bring a wholehearted enthusiasm and belief in possibility, inspiring leaders to influence with heart and with intention. The foundation of our ability to lead is our own self-awareness. I teach mindfulness as a practice that increases self-awareness, builds wisdom, and ultimately creates the conditions for personal well-being and the ability to positively impact others and the world around us.

As a human being, I’m shedding the illusion of perfection and am instead cultivating humility and dedication to living a life of integrity and aliveness. I spend as much time in nature as possible, my own well-being supported by feeling connected to wild places …with the sky, trees, birds, oceans and mountains being my most potent mindfulness practice partners.

I’m currently in a mindfulness meditation teacher training program with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, two people that inspire me and have helped me grow through the ups and downs of my own life.

More coming soon, but meanwhile check out these upcoming offerings at Soulstice Mindbody Spa.

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